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Re-branding for the next Africa generation

It’s not enough to originate from Africa; we must do so much together in order to promote the status of our continent and improve its perception.

It has become our responsibility, as African youth, to bear the torches of development in our various communities and to make the uncoordinated situations coordinated, for the entrenchment of our common heritage.

brief introduction

The Young African Leaders Forum is actively engaged in developmental projects that would see a sustainable Africa in the near future. The young leaders have committed themselves to undertaking specific projects in their countries. These projects keenly focus on playing a major role in the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals and the African Union’s Agenda 2063.

YALF passionately undertakes these developmental projects because we believe that Africa has the enormous potential to empower her people and ensure her challenges are solved in an amicable manner. The youth leaders have dedicated themselves to serving voluntarily in their communities and this has invoked a sense of patriotism in the leaders. This is because YALF believes that it is only through volunteerism that persisting problems can be fully tackled.


To become a world-class organisation and the solution to Africa’s underdevelopment.


To move Africa to the First World by creating workable solutions to its developmental problems and strategically executing them.
Our Main Focus


in realizing the African Development Initiative, YALF is working (and will work) on multiple fronts because the African Development is enormous.


We have initiated special project targeted at improving the values of African youths as it relates to ICT.

Education & Health

Quality educational & health is vital investment for human, social and economic development. it is the best legacy a country can give to her citizens.


We are task on empowering young people to become business oriented, and productive to their societies

our partners
Ethiopian Health Ministry
Ethiopian Airways
Literamed Publishing Limited
African Union
Walter Rodney Foundation
Justine Mutale Foundation
It begins by harnessing the demographic dividend putting young people to be the driver of development in
It is not enough to originate from Africa; we must do so much together in order to promote the status of Africa!
Prince Ifoh
Prince Ifoh, YALF President
Great discussion at the google hangout meeting. Many tnks to and de team. Luking 4ward to working 2gether in future
Thabang Magwena
Thabang Magwena, Polokwane, South Africa