Today, we celebrate every women across walks of life.

You are strong and wise.

You are a pillar behind the world.

You are indeed the salt of life.

Beneath you lies the over flowing river of life.


Mama Africa!

Hear your children’s cry

Wake from the somber world

And bless their endless thrive


Women are our treasure

This, YALF is very sure

Without women, life is but a torture

With them, indeed, life is a pleasure


Mama Africa!

Fight the battle of love

Rage, tears and agony is enough thrive

Peace is what we all pray to have


Women are our pride

This, YALF never takes for a ride

Without women, life is a deriding shame

With them, indeed, is endless fame


Mama Africa!

Our lands is no longer green

Poverty has replaced our rich soil

Agriculture is now but a shadow


Women are our mothers

This, YALF argues no further

Without women, man will have no direction

No progression, expression and erection


Mama Africa!

War has taken over your precious home

Corruption, a strange friend, has visited your children

Truth, to your cherished home, is now a mirage


Women are our pillars

This, YALF must sound to all feelers

That in Africa, they mean everything to us

And if we have our way, we stand, while they ride our horse.

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