A woman is any female who takes the mantra of leadership. No matter where you come from, either east or west, no matter your colour, either black or white, no matter your age, either young or old, whenever you find yourself impacting, improving, progressing the course of humanity, then you are a woman. I have seen a child of 5years, showing love to a child of 3, yes, I have seen a lady of 40 showing care to a woman of 70. As long as you hold true to the collective development of humanity, I salute you. You are strong, you are wise, you are a pillar, and you are a warrior. You are a warrior without sword, yet the armour of love from your heart can melt the wickedness of men, and conquer battles. You are every man’s treasure, in your eyes lies the beauties of the world. You gave birth to kings, you are the first teacher any leader must have before he can lead. You are nature’s best gift.


Every woman is a pillar; a strong tower to behold. When the tides are turning, our mothers will stand by us. When everyone is hating, our mothers are loving. When everyone loses faith, then and there, our mother’s belief begins. What about our wives? They are there when the going gets tough, they are there come rain come sunshine, they are always there when tough decisions are to be made. They are indeed our helper, we celebrate you.


YALF takes a wonderful time out to appreciate our mothers and wives. Happy International Women’s Day 2018.

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